Your Coffee may Cause Cancer

insectide in everything

gluten free break recipe

The fact is, though, things are changing.  GLUTEN is a thing now.  More then ever the things that we inject into our seeds that grow into our foods are affecting us, and if DDT is any measure of what we can look forward to, it will be a good 100 years before anyone says, “Hey… I think that is a problem.”

While I’m not an alarmist or a “jump on the bandwagon-ist” I will say that when I haven’t changed much in my diet… but there is much changing around me, that maybe the diet needs to be changed.  Perhaps… just maybe, the steep incline in all of the terrible neurological diseases could have some roots in the crap we eat and the environmental toxins we live with every day. (deep cleansing breath)

Believe it or not, it was wine that got me thinking.

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