Total Transformation: A New Diet-Free Weight-loss Solution

total trasnformation diet review

No need to go at it alone, join this Total Transformation Course on Udemy – A new diet Free weight loss solution. Billed as a course that will help you “understand the Real Causes of Your Weight Problem & Reverse Them Forever using the Gabriel Method principles!” I’ve decided to take a peek t this course and provide you with an unbiased review.



Understand the real causes of your weight problem & reverse them forever using the Gabriel Method principles!

Overall Ranking: 10

Price:  $50.00

Owners:  Author Jon Gabriel



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2 Thoughts to “Total Transformation: A New Diet-Free Weight-loss Solution”

  1. Audrey L. K.

    Thank you for reviewing this product! It seems like a holistic approach to weight loss, rather than a crash diet. I really appreciate that they include visualizations as part of the process. I’ve noticed that beyond changing habits and getting more information, the mind has to be in the right place in order to succeed in weight loss. I’m curious, is the person guiding the meditation is a male or female voice?

    1. Hi Audrey, The visualization meditation is a male voice. I find it soothing and not distracting at all… I’m a big believer in the power of our minds to change our lives and sometimes it means a different way of thinking about something. However, I’m guessing you’re asking because you’ve listened to meditations where the speaker’s voice is distracting which makes it hard to concentrate. I don’t think that’s the case here. Have a great day.

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