The Truth about Jorge Cruise and The 100

jorge cruise the 100

Jorge Cruise, The 100 – Count Only Sugar Calories and lose weight

The nuts and bolts of this diet plan are simple: count only sugar calories.

The fact is, this diet works because… by reducing sugar calories you are also reducing carbs and empty calories.. (generally empty carb filler calories are represented in the sugar gram calculation jorge cruise the 100where, with a simple formula you achieve your total sugar count)

The truth? I LOVE THIS BOOK.

I didn’t actually read it… I listened to it on Audible while i was driving to work, and home from work, and to the kids dentist… it wasn’t really long and I guess I heard the whole thing in about 3 days.

Of Course I was captivated by the cover promise to lose 18 pounds in 2 weeks, and to be honest, even thought I listened to the book, I have actually started yet, I’m starting today. Right after this blog post I’m going to the store to purchase all of my delicious stuff for the week and I’m going to Pre-Prepare food so I don’t graze around the kitchen like a cow eating a little of everything while I made dinner!

Why do I think I’m in LOVE?

I love this approach because I don’t care for vegetables.  I don’t like that the other diets want me to eat stuff I simply do not enjoy eating… but this diet, it sort of ‘reverse’ psychology’s me into eating the veggies… I get to buy what I like, but when I’m out of Sugar Calories… when I’ve used up my daily allowance… then I’m stuck eating rabbit food until the following day!  HA HA HA HA HA

This time… I am very motivated to drop 30 pounds by June. (family reunion this summer)

Wish me luck… and

if you’ve had dieting success, I’d LOVE to hear about it!  Comment below.

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8 Thoughts to “The Truth about Jorge Cruise and The 100”

  1. There is much to learn, I really like its history, it is easier to diet with all this information, very motivated to start losing weight

  2. Andrei

    Nice post Christine!

    Thank you for introducing us to his book. It sounds very promising and actually after reading your article I believe that I will check out the audio book version too! 😀 Thank you for your article! 🙂

  3. This is a great idea. I’ve always shied away from counting calories, even these days when aps do most of the work, because I like food so much and I hate breaking it down into decisions and math. And yet, all the diet gurus say you need some counting. This sounds like an excellent compromise, focusing only on the most damaging kinds of calories.

  4. There’s no point eating things that you don’t like just to lose weight. But having said that, fruits and vegetables cannot be ignored. You can choose the ones you like to eat.

    Thanks for reviewing this book. But I think what’s more important in losing weight is exercise. Although diet can come in play but having the necessary amount of exercise is way more crucial.

    What do you think?

    1. You hit the nail on the head, the fact is… vegetables and most fruits will be lower in overall sugar calories then a slice of bread. Yes, I said slice of bread. It’s an interesting program that provides the science behind why all calories are not the same.

  5. It is indeed funny that you only have to count the sugars and not be forced to eat veggies and as a result :eat veggies. 🙂 It is an instructive article and I wish you lots of luck with(out) sugar. I am sure you will look great at your family reunion.

    1. Well, I really oversimplied the program and didn’t list any of the science, but basically… the idea is that all calories are not equal. The diets that limit an overall calorie count are flawed, because they are assuming that all calories are equal. BY counting sugar calories you are weighing the caloric intake differently. OH… and to be clear, there is more than just refined sugar in the calorie counting.. basically all refined products have more empty calories then whole unrefined foods. As a result, they will be higher in the final sugar total.

  6. Wow! This is a great website. I am so glad I came across it! This book sounds like one I should be reading. I just preached to my daughter this morning about her picking up donuts four our breakfast. After I carried on about eating sugar for breakfast, she left for work and I ate the donut. Haha

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