Arbonne -> 30 Days to Healthy Living Review

This week I was invited to an Arbonne facial party and like most home parties I expected there to be a bit of selling.  The sales pitch for the products and the sales pitch for the business.  However, also like most home parties I was looking forward to spending a few hours with the ladies in my neighborhood who I don’t get to see often unless our kids join the same sports team or perform in the same musical.

This is the first home party that really felt, LIFE CHANGING.

No, I didn’t drink the Kool-aid and join as a reseller… and I guess by Life Changing, I mean… educational.

I learned about how the chemicals in our makeup and home products are poisoning us, and how the food we eat is treated with chemicals that we use to wash laundry.  Not much of it was truly new information but the part that was brought forward was NOT how we are destroying our bodies but… how we can heal them.  And, whether we use Arbonne products or not, it’s our choice.

We choose.

I left the party with that idea in my head and felt a renewed inspiration to continue my quest for better health through healthy eating.

I decided to give the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living…..  30 days.   I won’t be posting daily about the diet, but I will be giving you an honest review of the process, support and outcome.  The reason I decided to follow the Arbonne plan is because their products are all plant based and sustainable. Gluten Free, Vegan, and about 4 other things that people look for when they are looking for holistic and natural supplements and healing.

As a woman of a certain age, I only have so many years left to start “reversing” the damage of all of the fun of my youth! 🙂

AND… by the way, The rep that provided the party was Melissa Person-Ashforth and she can be contacted through her facebook page or website:  SHE IS AMAZING.  If you have a chance to attend an event (she’s a national speaker on several topics) where she’s speaking, I highly encourage it!

If you’re interested in getting updated on this particular product… email me at 

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