All Natural Belly Fat Buster – Scam Review

7 pounds in 3 days and 22 pounds in 307 pounds in 3 days and 22 pounds in 30

Like most online weightloss programs the infomercial and accompanying material is designed to alarm and activate the audiences imagination about what the dangers of belly fat and the current medical communities frequent and unending mantra of “eat less and exercise more”  (which if you’ve read anything that I’ve ever written you KNOW we know isn’t 100% true!)… AND for me personally these alarmist tactics are off putting… and for me personally, I wouldn’t have given this program a second look except to write this review on my site.  But then a strange thing happened….

most diets push supplements and medications

2 Thoughts to “All Natural Belly Fat Buster – Scam Review”

  1. I’ve always believed that the best way to lose weight is to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I have always been skeptical about taking pills to lose weight. I think I would have to know someone who actually did it over a period of time. The price is good and there are a lot of pros. What kind of success have you had with it?

    1. Hi Gary, I know what you mean about eating less and exercising more… that’s basically the mantra of the fitness community, because for the most part that works. For the most part, but there are millions of people for whom it doesn’t work. Myself included, and the result is frustration and an overwhelming feeling of failure. It’s really that feeling of failure that is the big success killer. We are so concerned with measuring our progress … not even against our personal best, but sometimes against unrealistic goals! The fact is, we’re all different and what works for me may not work exactly for you… but I’m sure that if whatever you’re doing isn’t working… then something needs to be changed! 🙂

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