Everyone has advice, but it seems like the people that have the loudest and MOST advice are people that have never had to struggle or maintain their weight.  The fact is, the old thinking: eat less, move more… isn’t 100% accurate. Sure it makes sense, if calories turn into fat, and exercise burns calories, then it stands to reason by the “cause and effect” that you will lose weight by exercising.

How’s that working for you?   Chances are, if you’re on my site you’re looking for answers that are outside of “the box”.  Answers that are working for people, but aren’t necessarily promoted by big pharma.  The fact is, pharmaceutical companies are in business to make money. (I’m not going to go on that rampage, because it just get’s me mad to think about the addictions and tragedies that they cause but are never held accountable).

In the end, you need to connect with people that are experiencing the same thing you are experiencing and looking for solutions in the same what that you are looking for solutions.

My Advice to you…  Always ask the question… “how can I…?”

The fact that I have come to learn is that there isn’t just one way to be healthy.  There isn’t just one tool, or program or advice or mechanism for changing your life and turning your life around.  There are multiple streams of information and action that create the end result.

Imagine your life life like a big ocean.  There are a few thousand big huge rivers of influence, that are fed by a few million smaller streams, and even more smaller seasonal tributaries… My point?  We need to stop concentrating on the few huge rivers, and start paying attention to what feeds them!  It all ends up in one place.  So, your journey, starts here.  On this site.

Today you start your walk back.  Start your walk up stream, start to explore the information that’s getting dumped into your ocean and start to ask the question… Why?  Or “How can I….?”

How can I change that outcome

How can I do something differently, so that stream doesn’t pour into my ocean

How can I take control of that one little piece… and then the next, and then the next.  We try to damn up the big huge rivers that have been building over the last few years and we wonder why we can’t. We wonder why it’s so hard. Just take a walk back.



One Thought to “Advice”

  1. very good niche here – lots of variety and answers for people with varying thoughts about what might work for them – I am a purist and believe in a Ketogenic approach as that is where i began in the 1970’s with doctors, nurses and medical chats with lots and lots and lots of testing – to prove the value of testing for ketosis and charting the results. In my opinion – the science has not changed in all that time – just the packaging has over the years – sometimes using new terms for the same thing. But any and all inspiration for dieter is beneficial as long as the message is safe. Keep up the interesting work.

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