The #1 Reason Most Diets Fall – & What You Can Do to Ensure You Lose Weight & Keep It Off!

teh secret to fast and easy weight loss

There’s a simple reason why most diets fail — they do not produce results fast enough. It’s no fun to eat small portions of food that don’t satisfy our hunger cravings. It’s no fun to go to the gym day after day — and when you are doing all of this and the scale is barely budging, it can be incredibly discouraging. It can make you want to give up altogether or try a different plan. Personal trainer and health and nutrition coach Brian Flatt has seen this scenario play…

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Arbonne -> 30 Days to Healthy Living Review

This week I was invited to an Arbonne facial party and like most home parties I expected there to be a bit of selling.  The sales pitch for the products and the sales pitch for the business.  However, also like most home parties I was looking forward to spending a few hours with the ladies in my neighborhood who I don’t get to see often unless our kids join the same sports team or perform in the same musical. This is the first home party that really felt, LIFE CHANGING.…

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The Truth about Jorge Cruise and The 100

jorge cruise the 100

Jorge Cruise, The 100 – Count Only Sugar Calories and lose weight The nuts and bolts of this diet plan are simple: count only sugar calories. The fact is, this diet works because… by reducing sugar calories you are also reducing carbs and empty calories.. (generally empty carb filler calories are represented in the sugar gram calculation where, with a simple formula you achieve your total sugar count) The truth? I LOVE THIS BOOK. I didn’t actually read it… I listened to it on Audible while i was driving to…

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