Juicing without a blender or juicer

Late Night TV actually taught me something!  Recently I was up VERY VERY VERY late and I watched a 1 hour presentation on the benefits of juicing.  My biggest challenge with juicing is… my laziness.  In theory I understand the value of the nutrients in the juice, and I KNOW that you can’t taste the spinach (I can’t say the same for the kale) but it goes back to laziness. Lazy?  OK.  throwing a bunch of stuff in the blender and zipping it up, then drinking it down doesn’t sound…

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3 Week Diet – Will Change Your Life


3 Week Diet – Why Mainstream Medicine has it all Wrong Recently I read this press release and it completely changed how I thought about my weight.  I learned that everything I thought I KNEW about health, wellness and maintaining a healthy weight wasn’t necessarily true!  In fact, the only weight most people lose when they listen to the weightloss guru’s is the weight of the money leaving their pockets! Here’s the press release I read… You tell me what you think: “The key to weight loss is simply a…

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